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TigerNT Chinese Conversion Tools

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* GB<-->BIG5 html page conversion tools, click here.
* Total size of attachments cannot exceed 50K bytes, Otherwise, truncated.
* The result format may be a little bit different from the original one.
    If GB->BIG5 or BIG5 ->GB, accept html file or html code.
* Each line can't exceed 500 bytes because I really have no idea where to cut the long line. :-)
* For security reason, Clear button doesn't reset Attach File Name. Please delete it manually!!!
* Don't upload a directory path. In Unix Netscape, it will hang the browser until you hit the "stop" button.
* Auto mode will automatically detect the source encoding mode. But no 100% guarantee.
FYI, Big5 is a character encoding method used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau for Traditional Chinese characters
GB is used for simplified Chinese characters which is official character set of the People's Republic of China.
* Added support utf8 input. (5/3/2011)

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